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[BSND006] Julian Rhodes – Truth be Told EP

[BSND006] Julian Rhodes – Truth be Told EP

Label: Beesound Recordings

Release date: OCT-20-2015

Catalog number: BSND006





Truth be Told (Original Mix)
Julian Rhodes
Push the Button (Original Mix)
Julian Rhodes

Truth be Told will be AVAILABLE on October 20th, 2015 on all digital stores

Truth be Told EP – Julian Rhodes

Truth be Told” is all about the bassline structure. I chopped off a Steve Jobs‘ speech to sort of translate my life at that moment through someone else’s words. But in the breakdown is where you can hear and feel a breaking point on its harmony and melody. This takes us to its climax, not only by making our body move but taking our minds to some other place.

Push the Button” started off as a gift for a close friend, I feel like this track approaches Deep-House in terms of sound design and Progressive-House in terms of structure.

I just hope people enjoy this EP as much as I enjoyed producing it.

— Julian Rhodes

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