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[BSND003] Julian Rhodes – Tickles EP

[BSND003] Julian Rhodes – Tickles EP

Label: Beesound Recordings

Release date: 2015-02-06

Catalog number: BSND003





Tickles (Original Mix)
Julian Rhodes
Euronia (Original Mix)
Julian Rhodes

Tickles EP – Julian Rhodes

Julian Rhodes is the mastermind of Tickles, with only 18 years old and already this young promising producer is breaking thru the Bogotá underground scene with his massive tracks. His style is charged with a strong techno vibe filled with old school house sounds, it’s no wonder why he was kept an eye out for and swiftly signed by Beesound Recordings. His first work ´Tickles EP´ comes out February 2015, a two track banger with original work that´s fresh!

The first single ´Tickles´ is a minimal-tech house progression, the stuff goose bumps are made off, best dropped for some main room soul-pumping action. And ´Euonia´ it’s the secret weapon, with strong beats, a funky dark bassline and the sweetest, grooviest drop that you can almost taste, this is THE dancefloor bomb.

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