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Dj, Producer from Engels, Russia.

Sammee became interested in electronic music in his childhood, listening to tapes of Fatboy Slim and Prodigy. In 2007, he continued to shape his musical taste in the nightclubs of Moscow, meanwhile, composing his own first tracks. Later, in 2009, he organized his first parties, and became a permanent resident at DJ Café Minus One. He is currently focused on writing his own compositions. Prefers tech and deep sound House music, including the compilations of high-quality elements of noncommercial sounds. His 2014 Scary Stories release has earned him a place amongst music lovers on both sides of the globe.

Scary Stories EP” takes us on a journey of Sammee´s mind. Step into his world and feel the music, it may make you places, but be assured it will make you “Have a Nice Day”, is all about the feelings, the bassline and the breakdown.

Keep an eye out for this Russian upcoming producer, already breaking down barriers.


Agency: Beesound Music


The artist

Nationality: Russian

Resident in: Engels