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Julian Rhodes


Julian Rhodes – Artists Biography


At 18 years old, Julian Rhodes, this young promising DJ/producer broke thru the Bogotá underground scene with some massive Eps in 2015. His style is charged with a strong techno vibe and filled with old school house sounds. His first work ´Tickles EP´ hit stores on February 2015 and was quickly supported by top industry names, followed by “Truth be Told EP” released on October of the same year. With scheduled releases for 2016 and many new projects in the studio, his Semi-Live-Set incorporates his own productions with the grooviest selection making his performance unique, he surely is to become one of the most original figures in the game.

“Ever since I made my first track I noticed I was not only enjoying the production process but also the fact that I can express myself completely through electronic music. This last one never stops amazing me, it never stops making me want more from every track I hear or every track I produce. Electronic music for me, is not only a way of self-expression but also the exercise of exploring how sound reaches the soul.” –Julian Rhodes

Semi Live set: My work and presentation is mix a bit of the music that I like with some of my own productions. Many of the songs that I chose for my sets are produced by artists that influence me today and I intervene them with my own sounds and creations to move the dancefloor… I love to merge what inspires me with something that can also be motivating for others. I use many loops and effects to create transitions and very progressive and pleasant atmospheres. Edit and collaborate with great respect and admiration something I already like, and to add something of my own to something that already seems incredible is the best way to feel connected with the music, the club and the fans.


Agency: Beesound Music


The artist

Nationality: Colombian

Resident in: Bogotá, Colombia